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Slots - Wonder Woman

Are you ready for the magic that Wonder Woman™ can do? Showcasing features which radiate the nostalgia of the classic 1970's show, including 8, 16, or 25 Free Games with extra Wilds, three fantastic Progressive levels, Expanding Wilds, and Mystery Stacks, Wonder Woman™ Gold is here to make her mark loud and true!



Slots - Elton John

The glitz, glamour and, most importantly, the spectacular music from Sir Elton John himself, is brought to life in this new gaming experience — the Elton John theme — featuring dual top screens that peek through his iconic glasses, and a Sensory Immersion chair that belts out his legendary hits! View Game



Slots - Flinstones

Take a trip to the town of Bedrock, and come play this slot right out of history! The sights, sounds, and of course all of your favorite characters from The Flinstones™ television series make their debut in this fresh take on the prehistoric wheel!



Slots - Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters™ Triple Slime is the latest addition to the very popular Ghostbusters series. Featuring 720 Ways to Win and Stacked Wilds®, the game creates exciting game play and offers even more ways to win! The Ghostbusters star, Slimer, is highlighted in two exciting bonus events. View Game 



Slots - Wheel of Fortune Extreme Spin

It’s the next generation of Wheel of Fortune® Slots. Wheel of Fortune® Slots and REELdepth™ come together to bring the excitement of the wheel and 3-D game play to the casino floor.



Slots - Venture to Never Isles

Take flight to the land where famed literature comes to life in Venture to Never Isle™. This game transcends a timeless tale while offering symbol-driven gaming entertainment with big win potential and captivating bonuses.



Slots - Ellen

Players can bust a move with Ellen, test their trivia, and soak in the bright lights of The Ellen DeGeneres Show™ set through other bonus features taken straight from the number one talk show on daytime television.



Slots - Jenga

A choose-your-volatility pick bonus allows players to choose from one of two Jenga® towers, either “Play it safe” or “Play it risky.” Once a tower has been selected, a game of Jenga® ensues where players get to select Jenga® blocks and try to not topple the tower.



Slots - David Copperfield

The Magic of David Copperfield™ brings the world class magician to the casino floor with the amazing Death Saw Bonus Feature! Players spin the Death Saw for instant credit wins, Free Games, or a progressive jackpot! View Game

Slots - Monopoly Luxury Diamonds

Three WHEEL symbols trigger the MONOPOLY Wheel Bonus where players spin the wheel to land on one of the board game’s iconic properties. Featuring a clear LED panel that allows full visibility of the reels, a traditional slot pull-handle, and high-definition artwork, MONOPOLY Luxury Diamonds™ is sure to dazzle! View Game



Slots - Batman

The Batman™ Classic TV Series Slot Game has all the Pow! of a progressive with the Bam! of one of the hottest titles ever to hit the casino floor. Players will vie for an enticing $250,000 multi-site progressive. The games are 25-line, 250-credit max bet in denominations of 1¢, 2¢ and 5¢. Bonus mini-games will let the player join the Dynamic Duo in crime-fighting exploits against their arch enemies.

Slots - The Rolling Stones

Hot Licks will spill from The Rolling Stones® Slot Game, putting players in the front row with the world's greatest rock 'n' roll band! Players will settle into the immersive iChair and experience 5.1 Surround Sound while their favorite songs play through the sound track and animation on the interactive LCD screen spin and merge into concert footage. View Game



Slots - Sphinx 3D

Sphinx 3D™ is the first title in GTECH's new True3D™ product line, utilizing patented, award-winning 3D display technology exclusively designed for GTECH for the gaming industry. Sphinx 3D, a five-reel, 30 line game features an action-packed base game and a total of seven bonuses: two in the base game, and five that are part of the Sphinx Bonus selection. View Game


Slots - Titanic

Titanic delights players with the U-Spin™ Wheel Bonus Feature, which can award credits, 1 of 2 Free Games features, the Safe Feature or the Pick Up Feature! This game also highlights four mystery features including Jack's Drawing Bonus, which features a fan-favorite part of the blockbuster movie! View Game



Slots - Winning Fortune

Winning Fortune™ Progressives features three unique base themes, each with their own unique bonus round, where an increased bet boosts player’s chances at a progressive by awarding more progressive symbols on a feature spin! But that is not all — Winning Fortune Progressives offers players the chance to place the top progressive before spinning the wheel for a level of interaction like never before! View Game

Slots - ZZ Top

ZZ Top Live From Texas™ showcases the excitement of the classic rock band! Highlighted by the ZZ Top Bonus Wheel, which players spin for 1 of 3 Free Game scenarios, a Jackpot Spin, or a Money Spin!  The fun continues with additional bonus features and Mystery Wilds! View Game

Slots - Pink Ladies

Grease™ Pink Ladies™ highlights the classic musical with 2 styles of Free Games, the exciting Frenchy's Heartbreaker Bonus, which is a pick 'em style feature, and random features offering random symbols or extra credits! This game is full of ways to win! View Game



Slots - Beetlejuice

Join the eccentric cast of BEETLEJUICE™ characters in an all-new strange and unusual slot experience. Three BEETLEJUICE symbols trigger the Wheel spin, which awards one of 4 mini-bonuses filled with movie clips, oversized symbols, multipliers and more. The game gives a whole new meaning to “Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!” View Game



Slots - The Walking Dead

Win the fight for survival with The Walking DeadTM slot game. A dynamic feature-packed product and an abundance of bonus opportunities make this game exciting to play and win! Fans of The Walking DeadTM will come out of hiding to dominate. View Game



Slots - Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the RingsThe Return of the King™ is the exciting conclusion to the Adaptive Gaming® slot trilogy. Players start with up to four bonuses unlocked, based on the Miles earned to their Player’s Life® web services account. After each bonus round, players have a chance at the Crack of Doom bonus, where the more bonuses they’ve unlocked, the greater their chance at a jackpot! There’s also the One Ring™ bonus, with player-activated spins at up to 140x! During the base game, special symbols offer players the chance at hitting 1 of 4 SAP jackpots, with each miss increasing odds that the next will be successful! View Game

Slots - Iron Man

The excitement of the IRON MAN™ films combined with the excitement of the Gamefield xD™ cabinet! A perfect fit for the 32” LCD of the Gamefield xD gaming platform, the IRON MAN slot features a vertically expanded 5x12 reel array with 80 lines of action. A player looking for action will definitely find it in the high-frequency base game features such as the Stark Industries Jericho Missile Feature, JARVIS Feature, Ivan Vanko aka Whiplash Feature, and more! The Free Spin Bonus takes over the full dual-screen display to put the players in the IRON MAN suit and fly them through the action of the film. View Game

Slots - Cash Wheel

Cash Wheel™ featuring Quick Hit™ is the game players love! The Cash Wheel Bonus can award up to 3 spins of the Wheel and the exciting Free Games feature awards 12 Free Games! There are also 5 Quick Hit style jackpots up for grabs! View Game

Slots - Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ thrills players with the Startin' Somethin' Bonus Spin; unique Free Games features, Leaning Wilds, and Pick Bonuses! This entertaining game features several hit tunes to complement exciting game play! View Game

Slots - Willy Wonka

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory offers numerous exciting bonus rounds drawn straight from the motion picture classic. Watch as Oompa Loompas add WILDs to the reels while expanding them into the top screen for additional wins! Take a ride on the Chocolate River Boat – with motion effects! Win Free Spins! Find the Gobstopper! And there’s even a Golden Ticket hidden in a Wonka bar that awards a $5,000 jackpot – with the odds of finding it increasing each time it is not won! View Game



Slots - Let's Make a Deal

The biggest game show on daytime TV hits the slot floor with incredible action – and no commercial breaks! Let’s Make A Deal takes the iconic show to new heights with eight interactive features and surround sound iChair with rumble effects – all with a $250,000 multi-site top award plus four local area progressives. View Game

$278,405 Jackpot

On May 18, 2015, we had a big, BIG winner. Ron won $278,405 on a $1 Monopoly game in the Fox Tower Casino! Congratulations Ron!


On April 26, 2015 hit the jackpot in a big way, winning $60,000 on a $5 IGT Game King in the Fox Tower Casino!


On April 18, 2015, Kimberly B. won $50,000 while playing a $5 Double Blazing Jackpot in the Fox Tower Casino. Congrats Kimberly!

$40,000 Winner

On April 18, 2015, John hit the jackpot, winning $40,000 on a $10 IGT Triple Stars Game. Congrats John!

$100,000 Jackpot

On April 11, 2015, Carl hit it big, winning $100,000 with a Royal Straight Flush on a $5 IGT Video Poker game in the Great Cedar Casino. Congrats Carl!

$55,243.87 Jackpot

On March 28, 2015, Daryl N. won $55,243.87 on the $1 Deal or No Deal game in the Fox Tower Casino! Congratulations Daryl!

$54,000 Jackpot

On March 27, 2015, David L hit the jackpot for $54,000 while playing a $25 Triple Star game in the Grand Pequot Casino! Congratulations David!

$100,000 Jackpot

On March 27, 2015, Anwar hit the jackpot $100,000 on a $100 Double Diamond Deluxe game in the Grand Pequot Casino!

$50,130 Winner

On March 20, 2015,  Jonathan T hit the jackpot for $50,130 jackpot on a $1 Pyramid of the King game in the Fox Tower Casino. Congratulations Jonathan!

$50,000 Winner

On March 15, 2015, Kirk K. hit a $50,000 jackpot. The jackpot was hit on the $5 Quick Hit machine. Congratulations Kirk!

$50,000 Winner

On March 14, 2015, Jeanne F. hit a $50,000 jackpot. The jackpot was hit on the 25¢ Game King Poker machine in the Grand Pequot Casino. Congratulations Jeanne!

$53,155 Winner

On March 14, 2015, Frank G. hit a $53,155 jackpot. The jackpot was hit on the $1 Cleopatra II machine in the Fox Tower Casino. Congratulations Frank!

$72,000 Winner

On February 21, 2015 Joseph M. hit a $72,000 jackpot. The jackpot was hit on the RedHottie machine. Congratulations Joseph!

$413,234.48 Winner

On January 25, 2015 Noelle M. hit a $413,234.48 jackpot. The jackpot was hit on the $1 Monopoly Luxury Diamonds machine. Congratulations Noelle!


$117,537.18 Winner

On January 19, 2015 Joseph C. hit a $117,537.18 jackpot. The jackpot was hit on the 25 cent Wheel of Fortune machine. Congratulations Joseph!


$101,250 Winner

On January 3, 2015 Louis D. hit a $101,250 jackpot. The jackpot was hit on the Triple Star machine. Congratulations Louis!


$50,264.58 Winner

On December 27, 2014 James B. hit a $50,264.58 jackpot. The jackpot was hit on the Deal Or No Deal machine. Congratulations James!


$96,000 Winner

On December 26, 2014 Anthony S. hit a $96,000 jackpot. The jackpot was hit on the Double TripleDiamond machine. Congratulations Anthony!


$54,000 Winner

On December 22, 2014 Anthony S. hit a $54,000 Jackpot. The jackpot was hit on a $100 Triple Wild machine. Congratulations Anthony!

$100,000 Winner

On December 14, 2014 Paula N. hit a $100,000 Jackpot. The jackpot was hit on a $5 Poker machine. Congratulations Paula!

$150,000 Winner

On December 6, 2014 Matthew W. hit a $150,000 Jackpot. The jackpot was hit on a $1 Pyramid of the King machine. Congratulations Matthew! 

$75,000 Winner

On November 29, 2014 Michael T. hit a $75,000 Jackpot. The jackpot was hit on a $1 Quick Hit machine. Congratulations Michael! 

$117,705.54 Winner

On November 28, 2014 Diane B. hit a $117,705.54 Jackpot. The jackpot was hit on a 25¢ Wheel of Fortune machine. Congratulations Diane!

$50,000 Winner

On November 8, 2014 Andre N. hit a $50,000 jackpot. The jackpot was hit on the $5.00 Multi-Poker machine with 25 coins played. Congratulations Andre!