Tree House Arcade

Remember all the fun you had at the arcade in years gone by? Well arcade excitement has been re-created to perfection at Foxwoods. It’s Game On for gamers of all ages at the Foxwoods Tree House with over 100 of today’s top video games, classic arcade games, pinball machines, and much more. Test your skill on our games to win tickets and redeem them for great prizes.  This multi-level arcade offers an enormous redemption counter including hundreds of toys, gifts, apparel, and electronics.


While you may be visiting our Connecticut resort, casino and hotels for business, a wedding or a golf vacation, your stay wouldn’t be complete without some arcade action. Contact us today to get in on the fun!


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Hours of Operation

Sunday - Thursday: 10am – 11pm
Friday & Saturday: 10am – Midnight


All games are Swipe-Activated









$15    0    5
$525    0    25
$1050    0    50
$20100    0    100
$50250    50    300
$100      500    100    600


$1        Tree House Fun Pass


Groups of 10 or more


$10 pp   50           10            60


Foxwoods Rewards & all major credit cards accepted


Not responsible for lost or stolen Tree House Fun Passes


Current Games:

Avatar Pinball
Battle Gear3 Twin
Big Buck Safari
Big Load
Break the Bank
Chameleon Paradise
Classic Arcade
Connect 4
Dance Freaks
Daytona 2 Del
DDR Super Nova
Deal or No Deal
Deep Freeze
Derby Owners Club
Disney Crane
Elvis 8 Player Pusher
Family Bowl 2
Flamin Finger
Fruit Ninja
Ghost Squad
Giga Crane
Go Ballistic
Gold Zone
Hammer Head
High Tops
Hollywoods Reels
Hot Flash
Hummer Off Road
Ice Age
Jambo Safari
Jumping Jackpot
Let's Go Jungle
Lucky Streak
Madden Football
Mario Cart
Mega Touch Evo
Monkey Ball
Monopoly 2ply
Monster Drop
Ms Pac Man/Galaxa
Need For Speed Underground
PAC-MAN Battle Royale Dxl
PGA Golf
Pharaoh's Treasure
Photo Finish
Pop It X-Treme
Power Surge
Putt Championship
Red Hot
Rockin Bowl O Rama
Royal Rumble
Simpson's Kooky Carnival
Skee Ball Extreme
Smokin' Token X-Treme
Soccer Fortune
Space Invaders/ Quix
Speed Demon
Speed of Light
Spin Out
Sponge BobJelly Fish
Super Bikes
Super Bikes 2
Super Shot Dxl
Super Trivia
Tank! Tank! Tank!
Target Terror
Tekken V
Terminator 2
The Price is Right - PLINKO
Tickets and Tunes
Time Crisis 4 Twin 50"
Tower of Power
Trap Door
Treasure Quest
Twisted Nitro Stunt Racer
UFO Catcher
Virtura Fighter 4
Vortek Operation Block
Wheel Deal 3 Pl
Wheel Deal Extreme
Wheel Deal Gold Zone Combo
Wheel Of Fortune
Wheel Of Fortune 2 Player Pusher
Wheel of Fortune Sngl Ply
Winners Wheel
Wonder Wheel


What is the admission price for the Tree House? 
There is no admission fee.  Tokens are priced at $1 for 4 tokens.  When guests purchase $100 in tokens at the redemption counter, they receive an additional $25 in tokens for free.

How do I sign up for the Tree House Club?
To join the Tree House Club, fill out the free application during your next visit to the Tree House.  Applications can be obtained at the redemption counter. Sorry, online registration is not available.

Do you offer Day Care?
The Tree House is a family entertainment facility. We encourage guests to play as a family.  Mom and dad are responsible for arranging child care that is best for their children.

How old must my child be in order to visit the Tree House without an adult?
Children less than 12 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian while in the Tree House.

Do my redemption points ever expire?
Points never expire. However if the voucher is damaged or faded to the extent that the barcode can not be read, the points will not be accepted.  Please open a Tree House Club Account or store your Tree House vouchers in a safe, cool and dark place.

Can I return my unused tokens?
Sorry, there are no refunds on unused tokens.

What is your return Policy for prizes purchased at the Redemption Counter?
All transactions are final once transaction is complete and guest has left the counter area.
Items over 5000 tickets are inspected for defects and will be given to the guest in good working condition.  Items taken out of the arcade will not be refunded/exchanged.   Guests are encouraged to complete and submit all manufacturers’ warranty materials included with prizes.  Manufacturers' warranties should be utilized in the event of a problem with electronic equipment. 

What if I lose my tickets, vouchers, tokens or prizes?
We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

What if my game does not work?
If your game is not working correctly please inform any member of our staff and we will be happy to assist you.

Please note:
It is the player’s responsibility to ensure that each token registers.  If the tokens are not registering do not continue to insert additional tokens.  We will not refund more than what the game’s vend price is worth.  Malfunction of a game voids all jackpots.