Foxwoods experiences span gaming, dining, shows, golf and so much more. It’s not just the only place in New England where you can enjoy high-stakes bingo; it’s also one of the largest bingo halls in the world. 


If you’ve got what it takes to go round after round, then you’ll enjoy bingo in our 3,600-person bingo hall. Get ready to take your bingo enjoyment to the next level with your Foxwoods Rewards Card. Sign up now and get rewards each time you play at Foxwoods!

MATINEE: Doors open at 8am / Games begin at 10:30am
EVENING: Doors open at 4pm / Games begin at 6:30pm



Alex's Lemonade Stand

Alex's Lemonade Stand dauber, fighting childhood cancer, one cup at a time. 5% of all proceeds is donated directly to Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) for childhood research. Available at Winners


      Special games are additional games played in a regular session but not included in the admission package and are generally the bigger money games. These games are called out in the bingo schedule.


      Some examples are as follows:

      • Wild Number Triple Bingo
      • Small Picture Frame or Block of Nine (depends on session)
      • Crazy T
      • Starburst
      • Crazy L
      • Money Machine
      • Money Wheel
      • Car


      Each bingo sheet has 24 random numbers ranging from 1 to 75 that correspond to the letters B, I, N, G, O surrounding the square. There is also one "free" space. Marked balls with numbers and letters are tossed in a blower and then called. The first person to match the specified pattern wins the jackpot.


      • Faces: The number of cards per bingo sheet.
      • Warm-Ups: Games played before the regular session begins.
      • Early Birds: The first series of games played in a bingo session.
      • Bonanza: The last game played in a regular bingo session; it has a cumulative Jackpot amount.
      • U-Pic-Em: Players choose their own numbers on blank cards and the winner verifies against those drawn.
      • Good Neighbor: The individual sitting to the left and to the right of the game winner. In cases such as the door prize, the Good Neighbors win in addition to the door prize winner.
      • Quickies: There are four Quickies per session, which are not included in the admission package. Quickies are $1.00 each for which a player receives one card. Quickie games are called (numbers only) as fast as the bingo balls appear.