Center Bar

Let the evening's festivities begin at the Center Bar, located at the heart of The Fox Tower.  Featuring a specialty drink menu and trendy decor, it is the perfect setting for casual conversation and socializing.  The center of the main lounge area highlights a fire pit with two private lounges adjacent to the bar on either side.

Sit back and take in the scene, while you sip on one of our signature cocktails.

April Entertainment

18: DJ Benny

19: DJ DMC

25: DJ Jay Free

May Entertainment

 2: DJ DMC

 3: DJ Benny

 9: DJ Rich Money

10: DJ Nixx

16: DJ Jay Free

17: TBD

23: DJ Lex

24: TBD

30: DJ EL

31: TBD

June Entertainment

 6: DJ EL

 7: DJ Benny

13: DJ Lex

14: DJ Rich Money Beatz

20: DJ Jay Free

21: DJ Nixx

27: DJ DMC

28: TBD