Whether you’re relaxing on vacation or visiting our resort casino for business, taking time to unwind is a must. What better way to kick back than to enjoy a good belly laugh.


Life’s Tough, Laugh Hard.  Marquee comedic stars bring on the laughs on our main stage and at the Comix Comedy Club. Discovering unknown talent is a thrill all its own, so we also bring you the comic geniuses of tomorrow.  Whatever tickles your funny bone, you are sure to find your comic connection at Foxwoods Resort Casino.


Planning ahead ensures you won’t miss a joke. Search events and buy tickets here. Get set to laugh out loud again and again at Foxwoods!

    $15 - $40 Advance

    September 18-20 (3 Shows)
    Thursday - 8:00pm

    Friday - 8:00pm
    Saturday - 8:00pm
    Comix At Foxwoods

  • Filthy Friday COMIX
    Filthy Friday COMIX
    September 19, 10:30 PM
    $10 - $20 Advance
    Comix At Foxwoods
  • Nasty Show
    Nasty Show
    September 20, 10:30 PM
    $20 - $40 Advance
    Comix At Foxwoods
  • Last COMIX Standing
    Last COMIX Standing
    September 21, 8:00 PM
    $10 - $20 Advance
    Comix At Foxwoods
  • Koutrobis COMIX Cornucopia
    Koutrobis COMIX Cornucopia
    September 24, 8:00 PM
    $10 - $20 Advance
    Comix At Foxwoods
  • Last Comic Standing
    Last Comic Standing
    September 25, 8:00 PM
    Fox Theater