Pastry Shop at Foxwoods
The Pastry Shop at Foxwoods will please your sweet side from traditional pastries to contemporary dessert. Everything is made “in house,” using the best ingredients. Our team passion and dedication to quality will please every palate without a doubt.

Our Executive Pastry Chef was featured on Food Network (sweet genius) as well as magazines like Modern Bride, Dessert Professional and Pastry and Baking North America.

Ask our pastry team to make your vision a reality!

Monday to Sunday: 8am-9pm

To place orders by phone please call:
For special cake inquiries (3D, wedding, etc...) please call:

Birthday Cake Menu

Wedding Cakes

 001  006  007
 027  100_0022  100_1781
 100_2560  100_2602  100_2645
 100_2963  101_0185  CIMG0206
 CIMG0998  custom-cake-200  custom-cake-233
 Doug-and-Cyns-Wedding  DSC_3332  DSC02086
 DSC02339  DSC05498  DSC05509
 DSC05989  DSC06015  IMG_0160_10
 IMG_2919  Our-Wedding-Nov-26-058  Picture-1350
 Picture-1354  Picture-1564 

Celebration Cakes



 1-112  002-2  100_3057
 Carrot-Mascarpone-Cake  CIMG0257  CIMG0272
 CIMG0592  CIMG0812  CIMG0974
 CIMG1004  CIMG1087  custom-cake-24
 custom-cake-247  DSC04240  DSC05453
 DSC05526  DSC05604  DSC05730
 DSC06072  DSC06078  DSC06092
 DSC06145  IMAG0581  IMAG0609
 IMAG0751  IMG_0042  IMG_0739
 IMG_0764  IMG_1040  IMG_1604
 IMG_2033  IMG_2905  IMG_4986
 IMG_5511  IMG_5536  IMG_6228
 lucabatman  Picture-005  Picture-072
 Picture-073  Picture-082  Picture-227
 Picture-383  Picture-656  Picture-898
 Picture-1089  Picture-1570  Picture-1598
 picture-camera-1-013  plated-dessert-essais-015  Sweet-bowling


Show Pieces


 010  18-anniversary-049  turn-down-44
 100_1987  100_2383  100_2494
 100_2663  CIMG0369  CIMG0373
 CIMG0678  DSC05643  DSC05678
 IMG_3347  IMG954231  Picture-713
 Picture-992  showpieces-19  showpieces-23
 showpieces-24  showpieces-28  showpieces-31





 001  005  014
 027  100_2625  100_2796
 101_0216  101_0222  black-forest
 chocolate-passion-fruit  Christmas-2011-108  Christmas-2011-140
 Christmas-2011-157  Christmas-balls-031  Christmas-balls-043
 Christmas-balls-089  Christmas-balls-094  Christmas-candle2011-029
 Christmas-frosty-2011-047  Christmas-house--2011-074  Christmas-tree-2011-024
 CIMG0220  CIMG0223  DSC06137
 Easter-2011-140  Easter-2012-009  Easter-2012-016
 Easter-2012-026  Easter-2012-043  Easter-2012-050
 Easter-2012-054  Gelato-VDay-pastry-001  Gelato-VDay-pastry-008
 Gelato-VDay-pastry-012  Gelato-VDay-pastry-020  Gelato-VDay-pastry-023
 Gelato-VDay-Special-002  Gelato-VDay-Special-024  gingerbread
 gingerbread-246  gingerbread-259  gingerbread-301
 gingerbread-308  IMAG0016  M-Easter-2012-005-9
 Mothers-Day-11-1  Mothers-Day-11-4  Picture-181



Team Pictures


 7-454  100_0546  100_1769
 100_1773  100_1902  100_2099
 100_2527  100_2532  100_2577
 100_2947  101_0309  101_0311
 Ace-of-Cake  cheese-dessert  Chef-Franck
 Chef-Franck-Pastry-Team  CIMG0538  dessert-15
 Eli-looking-busy  foxwoods_69  Governor-Malloy
 IMG_1078  IMG_1092  IMG_1099
 IMG_1106  IMG_1124  IMG_1146
 IMG_1168  mgm-1st-annivesary-11  Picture-324
 Picture-872  sara-eric-ru-mask  under-the-water-2009