Battle of the Bands

Live @ Atrium Bar Lounge
May 22 - Aug 21
For your safety, there are some items that guests are prohibited from bringing inside of the Event Venue. Please click here for the full list.
Most convenient Event Parking available is in the Rainmaker Garage, located off of Rainmaker Drive.


Round 1 • Every Wednesday, May 15 - July 17 • 8pm - 10pm
Round 2 • Every Wednesday, July 24 - August 21 • 8pm - 10pm
Grand Finale • Saturday, September 7 • 2pm - 8pm

It's On!

Battle of the Bands is back at Foxwoods! Throughout the summer, bands will battle for the chance to be the grand prize winner of $10,000! 

Bands will be judged on Musical Presentation, Stage Presence, Audience Response and Originality. Each week, the winner will move one step closer to the grand prize and one step closer to the right to be called Champion.

Each week fans who attend the battle will also have a chance to win prizes including merchandise and show tickets!

Let the Battle Begin!

Round 1
May 15 | Placeville vs. Trag • Winner: Trag
May 22 | Organized Chaos vs. Desiree and Friends • Winner: Desiree and Friends
May 29 | Living Weary vs. Something Young • Winner: Something Young
June 5 | Residual Self vs. Acoustified • Winner: Acoustified
June 12 | Rev. Dan & The Dirty Catechism vs. Jam Factory • Winner: Jam Factory
June 19 | The Reminders vs. Death Saddle Syndicate • Winner: Death Saddle Syndicate
June 26 | Rock This Town Orchestra vs. Don't Tell Lisa • Winner: Don't Tell Lisa
July 3 | Scam vs. Charing Cross • Winner: Charing Cross
July 10 | Screaming Eagle vs. Jake Kulak & The Lowdown • Winner: Jake Kulak & The Lowdown
July 17 | Hijacked vs. Roc-Kin-On • Winner: Roc-Kin-On

Round 2
July 24 | Trag vs. Desiree and Friends
July 31 | Something Young vs. Acoustified
August 7 | Jam Factory vs. Death Saddle Syndicate
August 14 | Don't Tell Lisa vs. Charing Cross
August 21 | Jake Kulak & The Lowdown vs Roc-Kin-On


  • Must be 18 years old to enter
  • Employees of Foxwoods Resort Casino, Radio Partners and their immediate family are not eligible to enter .
  • Please include: band photo, bio, contact email, and phone number.
  • NO entry fee required.
  • Bands must be available all Wednesday evenings May 15 - August 21.
  • All finalists must be available September 7, 2pm-8pm.
  • Bands must have a 45 minute set prepared.
  • Original songs are accepted, although bands must include at least 50% cover songs in the set.
  • Profanity is prohibited. 
  • Bands must be on time for pre-arranged sound check times.
  • Failure to abide by any of the rules may result in disqualification from the contest.
  • Patrons who enter the Atrium must be 21+
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