Freestyle Extravaganza 2019

Grand Theater
$65 | $85 | $158
Oct 12, 8:00PM
For your safety, there are some items that guests are prohibited from bringing inside of the Event Venue. Please click here for the full list.
Most convenient Event Parking available is in the Fox Tower Self Park Garage and Valet, located off of Fox Tower Boulevard.

Presented by Showkings

The pioneers of the Freestyle movement return to Foxwoods; TKA a Latin Freestyle trio who rose to prominence in the 80’s with the hits, “One Way Love” and “Maria”. Rob Base best known for one of the biggest hits “It Takes Two", and one of the pioneers of the crossover success that rap music would have in the popular music. The show will also feature the return of “The King of Freestyle” Stevie B. and other stars: Judy Torres, The Cover Girls, Johnny O., Rockell, Noel, Shannon, George Lamond, Robin S. & David of Nice & Wild.

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