Reversible Hotel Package

Overnight Accommodations AND tickets to the awe-inspiring show Reversible.

  • Hotel Package rates are 20% off prevailing Leisure rate and are subject to change.
  • Hotel Packages are 1 night only.
  • Guests must attend show on the date of hotel check-in.
  • Subject to availability.
Friday, March 22   8:00 PM   Reserve a Room
Saturday, March 234:00 PM  Reserve a Room8:00 PM   RESERVE A ROOM
Sunday, March 241:00 PM  Reserve a Room6:00 PM   RESERVE A ROOM

The initial spark of Reversible was the idea of working with walls. Walls that would create confined theatrical spaces and situations, walls that could move and transform and give us interesting geometric forms. Walls are also hugely theatrical. Walls are something that we’re all familiar with: walls that confine us, walls that separate us, walls that enclose us, walls that keep us from doing the things that we want to do in our lives. So we created Reversible with walls that represent the exterior and walls that represent the interior. From this, the story was written. Once I had established this world within which I wanted to create the show, the idea of having these two-sided walls helped me From the Director:to define the story telling, which very clearly became about who we are on the inside and who we are on the outside. Our reversible selves. Reversible!

The 7 Fingers is an arts collective unlike any other. In 2002, the 7 founders set out to redefine circus by stripping down the spectacle to its thrilling essence.

The contemporary company tells stories using death-defying acrobatics with a life-affirming theatricality that is unique to The 7 Fingers. Since its inception, the company has expanded from its own signature touring shows to creating theatrical experiences as diverse as the very artistic directors themselves: original productions varying from intimate one-man shows to large-scale arena performances, Broadway musicals, artistic collaborations with renowned international artists and companies, production design and direction, special events, Olympic ceremonies, televised performances, fashion, art and music events, immersive experiences and much more.

Every one of these projects carries The 7 Fingers’ unequivocal mark. Ambassadors of diversity, the company has consistently spread its horizons by mixing genres and exploring new ways to tell stories. Fascinated by the human condition, The 7 Fingers create performances that celebrate our world, our time and our identity. Their shows tour the globe and bring audiences to their feet wherever they go.


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