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Local inspirational author and life coach Kurtis Lee Thomas of  Providence, RI will host an official book signing and film part of a new documentary at Foxwoods Casino in Mashantucket, Connecticut, Saturday, August 23, 2014 from 3-5pm. The event will include guest appearances, photo opportunities, giveaways and an opportunity for members of the public to participate in an upcoming documentary that focuses on a global trend that Thomas has coined as “The Awakening.” Within Foxwoods, the location of the signing/filming will be at the promotional stage located in the theater district across from Comix.


Thomas’ new book, entitled THE WORLD IS (y)OURS- The Awakening (The Secret Behind "The Secret") discloses profound truths of this world and the human race in  such a simplistic way that it makes this book an easy read for anyone. New York Times Best-Selling Author G.W Hardin stated, "it is a rare author who can take the complexity and beyond-words aspect of spirituality and put it into simple English. Kurtis Lee Thomas is one of those rare finds." This book guides the reader on how to bring out abilities and gifts the reader always had, but never knew how to tap into.  THE WORLD IS (y)OURS teaches readers how to use life's most powerful tools to their advantage: The Power of Thought(s), Emotions, Creative Visualization, Imagination, Affirmations, The Subconscious Mind, the Law of Attraction, and the remaining Laws of The Universe. Readers will learn how to unlock tools needed to open doors they never knew existed.


Kurtis Lee Thomas is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and business intuitive who has dedicated his life to following his passion and paying it forward. His mantra of “First you must LEARN, then you should EARN, so eventually you can RETURN,” led Kurtis to become a philanthropist and certified Life Coach. Kurtis adamantly believes that the harmonious communion of the body, mind, and spirit is the key to living a happy and healthy life. This thought pattern and diligent lifestyle choice is what led Kurtis to become a certified Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist & Neuro-linguistic programming practitioner, and an International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) fitness professional.

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