Insieme Tour 2018

Fox Theater
$60 | $80 | $100
Nov 18, 6:00PM
For your safety, there are some items that guests are prohibited from bringing inside of the Fox and Grand Theaters. Please click here for the full list.

Most convenient Event Parking available is in the Grand Pequot Self Park Garage and Valet, located off Grand Pequot Boulevard.

Michele Zarrillo • Sal Da Vinci • Maurizio Scheweizer

An international tribute band, dedicated to the best known Italian showman in the world.

Artistically, he made his debut during the '70s as a guitarist / singer in the rock cellars of the Roman suburbs, founding the group "Semiramis" and participating in the historic Capitoline rock rally of Villa Pamphili in the spring of 1972. In 1974 he was the soloist voice of the "Rovescio della Medaglia" ", another important group of the musical vanguard of those years. In the following years he also opened his strong compositional vein to the world of pop and outdoor music by signing pieces for important names such as Renato Zero and Ornella Vanoni.

In 1987 he won the Sanremo Festival in the "new proposals" category with the song "La notte dei pensieri". The victory in Sanremo obviously generates the demand for shows and here is Michele making the first concerts as a solo singer, where the particular tone of voice and his interpretive skills begin to be noticed. In 1990 he started a collaboration with Alessandro Colombini, historical producer of Italian music (Battisti, PFM, Bennato, Dalla, Venditti) with whom he created a work project, whose first results are the song "Strade di Roma", which is presented in Sanremo 1992 and begins the literary collaboration with Vincenzo Incenzo in the album "Adesso" "published in the same year.

In 1999 Roberto De Simone entrusted him with the leading role in the "Opera buffa del Giovedì Santo" scheduled for over 2 years in the most prestigious theaters in Italy. After the authoritative experience with De Simone, for four theatrical seasons from March 2002 to February 2007, Sal Da Vinci is the protagonist of the musical: "C'era una volta ... Scugnizzi" by Claudio Mattone and Enrico Vaime, with direction and choreography Gino Landi, a highly successful musical, has received many awards, among which the ETI award for best musical for the year 2003 stands out. In 2005 Sal is the protagonist of Anime Napoletane, another musical-theatrical project and subsequently, in 2008, he recorded another success in theater with "Canto per amore" (about 40,000 spectators) and as a regular guest on TV in the program VOLAMI NEL CUORE live on Saturday night on RAIUNO.

For half a century, Adriano Celentano is the most beloved and controversial artist of the Italian show. Whatever he has done, he has always amazed, innovated, left his mark. Its thousand successes mark the history of three generations.

The natural physical and vocal resemblance of Maurizio Schweizer is the spark that ignites the show "The King of Ignorants", fun and emotions chase each other among the beautiful songs of Molleggiato, beloved by an audience of all ages.

Professional singer already for many years, Maurizio is perfectly at home in Hadrian's voice, without forcing and with the same natural accent. The voice certainly amazes, but the movements leave without words: the step, the gestures, the springs, the unmistakable way of dancing ... and always with ease and fluency.

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