Pequot Trails

Beyond the excitement within the walls of the resort, the picturesque Connecticut woods offer their own exhilarating adventure. The fox paw prints in the Great Cedar Casino Lobby will guide you to your choice of trails. You can opt for the path that takes you to the outside exhibits of the Pequot Museum or try the scenic trail loop behind the Two Trees Inn. For those who enjoy a more vigorous walk, the Lantern Hill Trail takes you up nearly 500 feet above sea level to enjoy views that stretch as far as the waters of Block Island Sound. You might not have expected to find this kind of activity at Foxwoods. But, then again, you always get more than you expect here.


Walking Tips

  • Use trails at your own risk
  • Stay on the marked trail and follow the signs
  • Bring plenty of water
  • Please leave the woods as you find them
  • Use crosswalks and sidewalks when available
  • Watch for traffic
  • Know your physical limitations and stay on the trails
  • Bug repellent is recommended
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