Wael Kfoury

Grand Theater
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Nov 3, 9:00PM
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Wael Kfoury is a Lebanese singer, musician, and songwriter. He is considered one of the most popular figures in Arabic music and is often called The King of Romance or simply The King. In a career spanning over 25 years, he has become a Lebanese icon through his romantic songs.

His first album was entitled (Shafouha wa saroo yoqolo). Then followed this album with another entitled Haflat faqra, Meit Fiki, Baad Al Sineen. All these album have been produced by the MUSIC BOX International. In addition, he has three national songs Ana Bukrah rayih Al gaish, Haflat Mairoba and 13 shahr. Later he launched another album entitled Shubbak AL Hub which was very successful.

Wael Kfoury toured the world and made concerts in almost every country where arabs are located. Wael sang in America, Australia, Europe and most of the Arab countries. He participated in Jarash International Festival in Jordan.

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